EATABLE: Alcohol-infused popcorn

Welcome to the new level of snacking! As your drinks of choice mature, so should your snacks (but I won’t judge you if they don’t fully). Lately, I feel like everyone’s trying to make ANYTHING relate to alcohol, which is awesome. We have brands coming out with gummies and candy based off of wine and cocktail flavours, and now we have popcorn.

Is it okay to call this artisan popcorn or is that too pretentious? It really is though, you’re not going to find something like this at Cineplex or Kernals. These are locally-made, small-batch, infused with actual alcohol (but they’re not like.. going to get you drunk it’s not like that don’t worry), and also made by the cutest company run by the nicest people ever.

Right now, they do three flavours: Pop the Champagne, Merlot PB&J, and Whisky on the Pops. Aside from the incredibly clever names, I’ll actually let you in on what each one means exactly.

Pop the Champagne – A popcorn coated in white chocolate with a super fun surprise flavour experience when you eat it. “What do you mean surprise?” I mean you’ll UNDERSTAND what they mean when they say “pop” the champagne. Champagne… bubbly… fizzy… if you can’t put it together you’ll have to order a bag to cure your current FOMO.

Merlot PB&J – Think adult peanut butter and jelly. While I personally get the peanut butter flavour more than the jelly, someone else tried it with me and said they got slight grape flavours. Either way it’s good and no one has ever thought to do this as a popcorn flavour before which astounds me as to how we’re even progressing as a human race. Thanks Eatable for that step.

Whisky on the Pops – Seemingly the most “Oh I know what that’s going to taste like” flavour when you tell people about it. And it’s honestly right, you’re going to get kind of a caramel-corn but not sweet and syrupy, more smoky flavours. I’ve described it as ‘like whisky, minus the burning throat’, feel free to steal that description if you agree.

Not only do they have their above-mentioned product, but they put them into little cute gift sets with glasses, accessories, and even a game (perfect for couples, go check it out!)

They ship to the U.S. as well since it’s not actually an alcoholic product, so yes you American followers can finally buy something I post (sorry, we love local here).


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